Thursday, October 29, 2009

Todd Turner vs Shantae Turner

I ain't saying Shantae Turner is a gold digger. Shantae Turner is. Her husband is, too. I mean, she tells Judge Toler straight up that the love went cold when the money dried up, not to mention that she wants to give their child a credit card. When she turns five. F'real.
I mean, Shantae's looking fine, big ears notwithstanding. But Shantae a cheater, a wiry, squeaky cheater. Todd even got the dude she was cheatin wit on the horn ("She just that good. That's why I still mess around wit'er.") She "straight up tell me" about other dalliances. But he loved her so much, he forgave her. That was mistake No. 1 of many. Answering the why question about cheating, "It was fun at the time." When asked if she felt remorse, she said, "No." When asked why she stayed with Todd, "because he spoiled me rotten. I got to do whatever I want. ... I got anything and everything I wanted."
"I'm not a sugar daddy, your honor," came Todd's response.
Let's be honest, if not just to ourselves:
Shantae Turner is an outright whore. She probably likes the Yankees. She nails dudes in their apartment after kicking their kids out.
Asked what her problem with Todd's weight is, Outright Whore responded, "Ok, if he's on top, isn't he gonna squish me? C'mon, I'm only like a 100 pounds. ... He wouldn't pay for my boob job; I wanted one!"
Well allow me to speak for the men of America when I say 1) She needed "a boob job" and 2) She also needs a lips-sewn-shut, ears-reduction, morals and respectability jobs.
Sorry-ass tramp.
I said a prayer that the DNA tests would come back Todd's-not-the-dad of Tatiana and Thomas, spawn of an Outright Whore. Well, Tatiana was Todd's baby. And Thomas? Todd's too. Trapped. Sad.


  1. well u called out shante to the T thanx bryan

  2. No problem, anonymous. The least I could do.

  3. I was hoping he wasn't the father too...

  4. this is todd nice to meet u

  5. Man oh man, Todd, I thought you got put through the ringer. Felt so bad for what she put you through as well. I wish you nothing but the best life has to offer.
    If you want to write something up about the show, or anything in general, send an email to brianhickey9 at hotmail dot com.

  6. This case aired this morning. I was hoping those kids weren't Todds' either. I thought that was why he was crying before the commercial break. Good job, Bryan for calling Shante what she is..and Outright Whore with no morals.

  7. I know them both and I tried to warn Todd before he even had his first child with her. She tried to call me and wanted to come see me and have a "toy" party where I was staying but I tried to call him and tell him what was going on. Apparently he called me when I was dialing her asking me what I was doing talking to his girl. You guys already know how that could end up. After that, I kept my distance and she only tried to call me every once in a while.

  8. hey brian this is todd u could use a better pic of me with my eyes open

  9. Is Todd still with her