Monday, October 12, 2009

Regina Harris vs Kent Harris; Regina Harris vs Her sister Christian Rogers

In a simple sense, Regina Harris wants to leave her husband Kent Harris because Kent Harris done went and knocked Regina Harris' sister Christian up.
Aw yeah.
So here's what Big Blue says by way of defense: Regina went from nice person to very disrespectful of "him being a man period, and that's something I just don't tolerate." Though he had high blood pressure before he got a two-year separation from Regina, he says his doctor told him it was better. This is a medical miracle.
Oh, also, Kent says Regina drove him to Christian, who was standing in the hallway with a profound baby bump. It's Kent's baby up in dat house. Kent seems to speak lovingly about Regina's sister. He seems happier. Regina, well Regina doesn't seem to be taking it very well. Her friend Tericka Thompson says she seen Kent Harris with his wife's sister a bunch of times. He says it ain't so. I reckon he's truth bending.
Kent went on to say that when Regina's mother was dying, she whispered into his ear to "take care of my babies." I'm morbidly fascinated by this, both if it happened or if he's actually making it up and can make it seem as if he didn't. I have some thinking to do on it.
Well, Christian testified. She stuttered a lot at first.
"I hated that it went down the way it did," Christian said, "but I can't control fate."
Springer-esque, I tell ya. Christian apologized (and concedes that her mother would be upset about all this stuff but doesn't regret it), but Regina wasn't having it. Christian then says that she thought they'd be getting married once her guy was divorced from her sister. Kent says he doesn't know about that.
I would like an invitation to any Harris Extended Family function. Strike that: I'd LOVE an invitation to any Harris Extended Family function. These some good folks.

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