Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nicole Sargent vs. DeLawrence Adley **Updated re: Shenanigans

Hey, these two look familiar! They were on Divorce Court last November when Judge Lynn told -- nay, berated -- Nicole to leave DeLawrence's triflin' ass. Well, she didn't. And, what do you know, 11 months later, they're back? Who'd have thunk it.
There are two interesting facets of this update ...
1) Nicole doused DeLawrence's clothes with lighter fluid and let it all burn because "once again, I was bamboozed, run amok and led astray, drug through the mud, by DeLawrence." It was her "Waiting to Exhale" moment. He proceeded to say he don't come around anymore, amid her "no child support" rampage, because he "don't like you."
2) This guy who came into the courtroom ...

... with what appear to be side of the Atlantic City Expressway mums or something. Well that doesn't take away from the fact that love most definitely in the Divorce Court air. Even though Nicole is legally still his wife -- this came up during a conversation about a five-year-old seeing DeLawrence, who Nicole deems an "Internet whore," strut out tha bathroom to git some -- this is a dude named Anthony Rudolph. He seems like an extra in Commando, though DeLawrence said he's more like a "burnt banana." While DeLawrence mocked and carried-on, Mr. Rudolph professed his protective love for Nicole.
Then, he proposed. I'll say it again:
And, before accepting, he said "Oooh, look at this Judge." After admiring the ring for a moment, she said she couldn't accept unless polygamy is legalized.
That is all for now.

From Facebook:
Magdalynn Pule Briones
I'm a long time fan of Divorce Court and am pretty disappointed with today's shows. The woman on the first showing, who had brought her 52-year-old boyfriend of 6 months, seemed to be in it for publicity, and then the next showing with the ...crazy woman and her cats?!?! Hope things get back to "normal" and that the guests remain real.

Divorce Court
Magdalynn, we do our best as a television show to ensure that all of our guests are real. We verify marriage licenses and spend a lot of time talking to the couples before we travel them to Los Angeles. With that being said, The Adley's did seem over-the-top and that is the very reason Judge Lynn dismissed their case.


  1. That had to be the WORST episode of Divorce Court that I have ever seen. Bad acting and people looking for publicity. She was horrible and fake. I hope no one takes anything away from these people and their foolishness. Im glad Judge Toler called it for what it was and told these fools that they wasted her time,because watching the show was in fact a waste to watch it.

  2. People making comments about things they know nothing about should really keep their comments to themsevles as far as delawrence is concern this was the best thing that ever happened to me all you other dimwits stuff it toler you were unfair when it came to me and my side as for everything else i'm good life is good and i hope nicole has a blessed and happy life with burnt banana.

  3. Thanks for chiming in, Delawrence! Hope all's well with you.

  4. Wow, this sounds incredibly ridiculous. I'd throw out some divorce advice, but I feel like most of it doesn't apply to a case like this.