Friday, October 23, 2009

Michelle Hasan vs. Qaadir Hasan

Lyin' tramp.
Those are the words that came to mind when Qaadir Hassan went into intricate detail, explaining how his dame told him that this guy she was palling around with was her brother or something. You can imagine how Qaadir felt when he learned that dude who stayed at their house with an over-night bag was, in fact, her ex-boyfriend and that she had told him that Qaadir was a relative!
Allah, it seems, did NOT have his back for those four months.
I don't care: that alone knocks her out tha box for recovering the $1,571.34 she says her husband of eight years owes her.
You see, Qaadir is a true Muslim; doesn't respect the sex-before-marriage thing, particularly after sex before marriage resulted in a child out of wedlock. He clamped down, though, bringing some sexual tension into the mix once he met Michelle.
This guy seems mentally tight, not like most people in Judge Toler's courtroom. Michelle, too. Until Qaadir mentions that she misled him pre-marriage.
She said she was 21. She was 18. "I was legal, though," Michelle says. Respec'.
At least Michelle cops to being misleading. "Don't ask, don't tell," she says of why she didn't come clean about boyfriend-brother till after the vows was vowed.
So, Toler sums up the pre-court papers as leading her to believe that "sexual tension being at odds with your religious beliefs." Qaadir mmhm'd her. Michelle broke out the stance that "right after we got married that's when all the rules came out." I'm not delving down that philosophical route. Suffice it to say, she was doing "too much huggin' with too many guys." That, and Michelle wasn't allowed to drink and then she slid into some story about "some little girl at my door" told her Qaadir impregnated her. And, not that Qaadir thinks there's anything wrong with that, but Michelle used to party with her gay friends and, climbing a ladder to see into a party they was at, saw her cuddling with another man. "It's not like we were all hugged up, just sitting close to each other," she says.
I've had enough of this Holy War.
Lord have mercy.
Allah have mercy.

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