Friday, October 23, 2009

Mellanie Norwood vs. Richard Norwood vs. Grace-Ann

Well, well, well. Another case all about tha dogg.
Mellanie Norwood wants to leave Richard Norwood because he thinks she done cares about their rat-dog Grace Ann more than she cares about him. But Melanie, she says one time Grace-Ann tried to hump Richard's chest and he done tossed her 'cross the room. In fact, it might have been one of the times that Mellanie gave Grace-Ann some white wine. And that's wrong because?
"He loves her falsely," Mellanie says of Richard's relationship with Grace-Ann.
Like, one time when she got back from Bingo and found Grace-Ann soaking wet. Turns out she bit him, so he hit her and she was all layed out on the floor so he put her in the shower to try and wake her up. "The dog started acting like he had an Exorcist. I had to perform an Exorcist on this dog!" says Richard, who also complains that Mellanie gives the dog T-Bone and the husband hamburger meat. "The dog has insurance, and I didn't."
I'm gonna say it right here, right now: Richard Norwood is as pimp as Don the Magic Juan. I'd love to kick back with him sometime, talk dog-throwing shop and whatnot.
But, I am a bit concerned that, as per Mellanie, "Mr. Norwood is a licensed journeyman plumber, and he been plumbing somewhere else." She followed that statement up with an "Mmm Hmm" type look. If she hadn't have been holding Grace-Ann, methinks she'd have done that triple snap to assert dominance in said conversation. A lot of his dalliances occurred while Mellanie was playing Bingo. If I might run with that for a moment, "O-69, O-69. BINGO!"
In conclusion, Mellanie eavesdropped on a conversation with an elderly-woman customers in which said customer said, "I want you to bring me over one of them long brown cigars. You know the kind I like." ... "I know she was paying you for more than just the plumbing." To which Richard Norwood smirked in Judge Lynn's direction and raised his eyebrows, like a long brown cigar salesman would.

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  1. Well as Richard's first wife, I must say when she told me "God sent that man to her", I told her azz that it's only a matter of time before she find out who REALLY sent him! LOL
    And if he cheated on her what the #%@^ did she expect? He cheated with her when he was married to ME! She got what she deserved!