Friday, October 9, 2009

Matt "Ladyboy" Campbell vs. Arezo "Cruella" Khanjani

Sorry for the two-day delay. Been busy on some other stuff. Happy I checked out the old DVR before the weekend, though. Because I feel better about myself for not being like these two people on today’s show.
Arezo Khanjani says she wants to divorce Matt Campbell, not just because she wants $325 for two cockatiels that he lost, but because her husband says she’s a nag and that her husband is forgetful.
They’re performers in a band. He sings and plays guitar. She sings, plays keyboards and grooms what can best be described as skunk hair, but without the white in it. And, they run a label. (I googled them. They’re in a band called The Captain’s Package. Read about them here.)
“As time has gone on, I feel her jealously, nagging, nitpicking and temper has gotten oto the point where I can’t stand it anymore and I feel it’s destructive for both our relationship and for the business we’re involved in and there’s a lot at stake,” Aussie Matt says, adding that when he forgot to return a gym towel, she flipped out on him.
“He wouldn’t be wearing socks right now if I didn’t give him my socks because he forgot his own,” Arezo retorted.
Matt corrected the record by saying that she actually made him blowdry the socks he had on because they were dirty.
She says he sits like a “five-year-old girl on the bed" and forgot her birthday thrice. She interrupts him often and complains that he leaves things laying about the house.
I'll tell you what: I feel f'in bad for this Matt kid. Seems as if Arezo just walks all over him. No, he's not the sharpest blade. But still, it's like watching a sophomore year of high school relationship devolve on national TV for 22 minutes. It's not uncomfortable to watch, but you feel like less of a person for doing so. That's why I was turning it off when BLAWW, the news interrupted the show for Obama's Nobel Peace Prize/Bo's Birthday presser.
Thank you for finally coming through in the pinch, Norway.


  1. They where in LA at the time and where working as acting extras for a bit of fun and decided to be paid for pretending to divorce, and they chose the silliest subjects..... hahahaha. The joke's on all yall!!!

  2. Yeah I know them and they are NOTHING like on the show...hahahah..they dont even dress that way!

  3. HAHA, they told me about this. Yeah they were being paid to act + were told to make up stories for the show. Everyone in Hollywood ends up on TV for money. I'd do it!