Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jeannette Osbourne and Bob Osbourne

Ok, this is just a no-jokes episode.
Jeannette Osborne, at 5-foot-4 weighs about 90 pounds. She's up from 77 pounds. She's an admitted anorexic.
Bob Osborne weighs, well, he has a gut. He realized the wife had a problem when she sent him pictures of her arms and legs. Sounds weird. She wanted him to notice that something was wrong; said it started when her ballet instructor told her she was "curvy." She didn't want to be curvy, but always sees herself as bigger than she is.
Bob blames his unknowingness on denial, and layering. He noticed unusual eating habits but it didn't set off alarms.
Well, Jeannette says that Bob is consumed by his work selling RVs in Boise. "I've learned to not communicate on a lot of things," says Bob.
So anyway, Jeannette and Bob went to L.A. to try and save their marriage.
"That I would be important to him," is what Jeannette said when asked what she'd like to change.
"Damned if I do. Damned if I don't," Bob said. "If I ask her if she's hungry, it'll just start a fight."
I shudder to even pass judgment on this one, but the one thing I'll say is this: Ladies, if your husband isn't paying attention to you, starving yourself ranks at the bottom of the "How to change that" list. That said, anorexia effects the brain and self-image.
Even Bob admits that they both need help, albeit for different reasons.
I concur.
And I hope they work it out, for both of their sakes.
As a side note: Judge Toler had her taken to a ranch where such issues are addressed. Did a video chat with her 30 days later. She looked well on the road to recovery.
Public service time: The National Eating Disorders Association can be found here. The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders Inc. is here. But people, don't let it get to the point that the Osbournes did. I can't handle another 22 minutes like that.


  1. Curious - you say you can't handle another 22 minutes like that. Are you referring to the Divorce Court show?

    And with all due respect, I suspect that Jeannette's anorexia is not solely about her starving herself to get her husband's attention. In fact, it sounds to me like the roots of her illness started long before the marriage.

  2. I meant how serious medical issues intrude upon my light-hearted entertainment.