Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heather Hodges vs. Billy Hodges

First things first: Billy Hodges looks pure periwinkle pimp wearing Carolina blue from head to toe, and Heather Hodges followed what I consider to be a fantastic trend of ladies wearing lime-green up in the Divorce Court. Both are to be commended.
But that's where the commendations run dry, for Billy up and left Heather for LaVonda since, as per LaVonda, "I was giving him the love and attention that she wasn't giving him." Judge Lynn didn't like that much; she pointed out that LaVonda shouldn't be messing with the married men.
But then Billy brought the Case of the Missing $300 From the Joint Account up at Heather and Heather was all "No, I was not deliquent on a loan ... He wrote some bills that hasn't been paid and I got them right here." Billy done paid the gas bill in February, so yawn; Billy's got the blue shoes. Billy's got the props.
So anyway, Heather says she lost 30 pounds by "trying to go to the gym" or something like that. I think she went. I'm happy she lost the weight before the TV appearance. Well, lo and behold, LaVonda's brought into the courtroom. Turns out Billy-y-Heather's wedded bliss lasted 30 days. "My wife pushed me away. She didn't appreciate me. She didn't treat me like a man, like I deserve to be treated. And LaVonda gave me something that I was looking for. She spiced up my sexual life and just turned me to something ... I wasn't getting the respect, the honesty and my wife was stingy."
"I'm not no go-out person," said Heather. I think I know what that means but, hell, what's wrong with not not being no go-out person? Did I mention Heather wants $6,900 in transitional support? She even brought her cousin Toschia Thomas up to the podium for her take on Billy.
My attention just wandered away, though. Got bored with the quickness. This episode could've used some Cliff Lee action.

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