Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Glenn Cloud vs. Rosalie Cloud

Well, this is a simple one.
Wife says hubby is a Mr. Know It All who'll argue even breastfeeding techniques with a woman who already breastfed a child. (In addition, he claimed that "decrepit" wasn't a real word when she used it. He fires back that she said "decripted.")
Husband, who is a 50-60-hour-a-week "salesman" seems like a total f*cking douchebag who is not nearly as smart as I am, says wife isn't a good housekeeper and that it isn't a full-time job if she stops to watch Divorce Court. He also says she's a nag. He also refuses to let her go out with him on his birthday.
Fine, she does seem a bit of a nag who wields annoyance like a dark-haired, fun-dampening, baby-with-another-dude scamp's broom, but all the nagging in the world doesn't make up for one thing: Her younger sister's number is saved in his cellphone under the name, "Fun Sex." He claimed a girl from work who had a crush on him put it in there to make Rosalie mad. Sure she did. There, there Glenn, a smart person would've come up with a believable excuse for that one.
Just a question: Are morons of this ilk really worthy of airtime?
No, I say.

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