Monday, October 19, 2009

A Divorce Courter Tells the "Whole Story"

You may remember Lori Tracy from last week's post about the severance of her relationship with Daymon Tracy. It had a lot to do with cats and screaming, my post did. Well, Lori saw it and wanted to respond.
Like any self-respecting journalist, I have opened my blog to a verbatim chronicling of what she had to say. The floor is Lori's ...

Ok, here it is. Daymon WAS a good man in his own right. A kind heart and a great bluffer. Bluffed so much that he had me fooled. We almost broke up cause he couldnt keep a job.

Then he started cleaning up his act and we got married. I had to do everything for him. I did all the cooking and all the cleaning. I am partially disabled and was in a wheelchair for a while so yes, I was unemployed for a bit. Even when I was in a wheelchair I still had to do all the cooking.

He claimed I put the cats before him and that is not true. The day he decided he didnt like it w/ me any more was when I had had enough and decided to stop babying him. I needed a partner, not a child. That is when he decided to look elsewhere.

He confided in everyone BUT me. All along he was lying to me about his love for me. He never wanted to try but have someone do all the work in life for him. He just wanted to watch video games and be w/ his buddy and watch movies. At one of our real court hearings, he even told the judge that he got in trouble at this last job because he was speeding "according to their standards". He was a school bus driver.

I am not the horrid person I portrayed. I was told he was leaving me while I was running a 102 fever. His original plan was to leave me while I was on vacation to a friends house. But that got canceled due to illness. He was planning on doing a grab and go. He was planning on leaving me penniless. He is a coward. He just wants a mommy and nothing else. She will get tired of him too but in the meantime, he is now her problem.

To be honest, Im glad its over. Yes, I love my cats with all my heart and at least they are honest about their love back and not a liar. I told him that I cannot tolerate liars or cheaters. He wants the good life but is not willing to work for it like everyone else. Even the real judge noticed that.

THATS the truth! I am not a vial person but a very tender hearted person who was harmed greatly by a man I gave my heart to.

If you have any questions at all or if anyone else does, i will gladly answer them

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