Friday, October 23, 2009

Chris Morgason vs. Kristina Morgason

It takes a lot for me to be at a loss for words. But, I am right now.
I'll try to get you through it, though. Chris Morgason wants to leave Kristina Morgeson because he fell back in amour with his "first true love" Dusty. So, he was still with Dusty Sanders when he knocked Kristina up and he married her, but Dusty don't stop belieeeeeeevin that it ain't his damn kid. Meanwhile, Kristina wants a divorce because Chris -- who, really, look at the picture, should he be jugglin two bitches even if said bitches are of trailer-park stock? -- has left her 1, 2, 3 times for "Miss Nasty over there." Oh, snap.
As for the pregnancy, Chris has opted to go the black-out drunk route. "I was sitting in my room playing with my 'game station.' She brought alcohol in. I started drinking it. I got a little tipsy. And she just came from my sister's room, after visiting her. Came to my room, brought alcohol in there. I was sitting there. She was saying all obscenities and everything. She's wanting to do this. She's wanting to do that. That's all I remember."
Dude. Seriously? C'mon. Such a scoundrel. And a baby-denying scoundrel at that. Chris Morgason, you sicken me. And, Kristina and Dusty? You both do, too.
This is like a freakin' circus sideshow with carnies gangbanging on stage and reproducing, with imps and gremlins emerging from a Morgeson freak egg, inside of which they fully developed within three weeks.
Oh, then it gets into one of these two creatures having a "black baby." I tuned out at that point, because this crew probably uses different terminology when not on camera. (No, I don't mean bastard child, either.) And then, Kristina said they were still screwing about two months ago. There was also a mention of dead mothers coming up during post-baby-birth talk.
When will the madness end? Will ANYBODY think of the children?! (Including the one that ended up actually being Chris'. Sucka.)
I'm not one for binging and purging, but after seven minutes of this freakshow, I want to pull the trigger. That -- and that alone -- will make me feel better about humanity.

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  1. Ok for one Chris is a dog. He played both these girls back and forth. Telling them both the same thing. And yes they are both stupid for believing this dead beat butt the story goes so much thicker then what you seen on Tv. I know them in person great friends of mine and what you see is not all that should have been shown.