Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shaheedah Ali vs. Karim Ali

Oh Karim, why you gonna go have a baby with another woman when you married to Shaheedah? And why ain't you telling your baby mama to keep it on the DL so word don't get back to Shaheedah via her friend Daleeah Harris, who's friends with the corner-store workin' baby mama?
Sure, Shaheedah withheld sex because she suspected he was cheating, leading to the standard D.C. "overbearing" complaints. I guess that's what happens when the lady finds condoms in one's wallet even though "we haven't used condoms since 2000."
Fun fact: Karim said he put a password on his cellphone because he "delivered pizza."
Fun fact No. 2: When Daleeah and Shaheedah went over to Daleeah's friend's house, Shaheedah was bragging on the bracelet that her man got her. Well, Daleeah's friend started talking about how her boyfriend took her bracelet to get cleaned. Daleeah says Karim's lying when he says it ain't the same jewelry.
Fun fact No. 3: Shaheedah withheld sex for 2.5 years. Not a laughing matter, despite grrl-power giggles.
This whole mess is just beyond repair or worthiness of any further attention.
It is so ordered.

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