Thursday, September 24, 2009

Robert "Chickenphile" Brown vs. Tammara "Chickenphobe" Williams

Well, this one shouldn't take long at all to sum up. Robert had gotten a new job and his first associated paycheck. But he didn't tell Tammara. Oh no he didn't. Rather, when Tammara got home, what she saw was a table covered with fried chicken. Here's what Robert had to say by way of explanation:
He was on his way home and "just glanced a little to the right and I seen this Caesar's Pizza Pizza and they had a big sign up in front and it said, 'A deal on some chicken.' So, I went and got it. And then, on the way home I went to the liquor store ..." He trailed off, but the point was clear: Robert spent two days pay on chicken and booze.
From there, the chicken conversation covered how Robert doesn't like using new grease to make his in-home chicken. Before the first commercial, he took pre-made fried chicken out of a basket on the table. In it was Tammara's chicken ("Dry") and his mama's chicken ("Now THIS is chicken. Yo! Yo! Yo! You want a piece of this chicken?).
So anyway, Robert admits to being a mama's boy. He also admits he's lucky that he didn't hit the dude Tammara was all hugged up on in the supermarket onaccounta the fact that he was the deacon at her church!
But this case is about chicken and chicken alone. Me? I love me some chicken. I've driven over to the KFC in Strawberry Mansion on occasion because when you get to craving chicken, the only thing that will make the hankering disappear is some chicken. Good chicken makes the world go 'round, and when Tammara said she "can't even look at chicken anymore," she lost all respect.
It is so ordered.

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