Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Melissa Fields v. Rafael Marin

How do I put this delicately? I just can't.
Remember Blair's cousin Jerri on Facts of Life (if I spelled it wrong, I'm sorry, Blair and Jerri)? Me too. Vividly. And that's what Melissa Fields sounds like. And I couldn't get that out of my head.
Not when Melissa said that he told her he'd never been married before though he'd been married (if you believe her) four times or (if you believe him) twice.
Not when Melissa said she wanted him to lose his old friends since she "thought we'd meet some better people" when they moved in together.
Not when Melissa said that he started to both drink and chain smoke after they got married, despite three (or four previous DUIs).
Not when Melissa said that their first date was at a "porwnoe shop" after which they didn't speak for a week because she "thawht he used me as ah juan-night stand." (Fun fact: She said he brought her a diamond necklace next time he saw her. He pointed out to Judge Toler that it was fake. Zing.)
And not when Melissa said that "he duusn't desuurve nuuthing" in explaining why she kept all his property when they broke up.
Nope, I'm not even going to discuss it. Other than saying she looks like a chubby blond lawn gnome.
Because I want to talk about Baby, the centerpiece of World War Fields-Marin. Baby's the only victim here. Both of these people want custody of Baby. Melissa is even allergic to dogs, yet says that Baby "is my best friend. Not his."
Rafael told the court that "the only thing I ask for, she won't give it." Well, two things: the $6K entertainment center and the dog. (He chose dog over entertainment center, though.) At which point the bailiff Joe took Baby over to Rafael. Where Baby was pouting and laying with Melissa, Baby popped up, tail a-wagging when she got near Daddy-O. (Full disclosure: Tail was wagging when poochie went back to Melissa).
Even though Rafael is currently looking for a place to sleep, I ruled that Baby was better off with him.
Judge Toler didn't agree, merely granting one-week-a-month visitation.
Judge Toler was a cold-hearted sexist on this day.

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