Friday, September 18, 2009

Kandie Simmons (and her step-sister's brother Jimmy) vs. Dirk Simmons (and Kandie's Step-Sister Jennifer Demoss)

Good golly Miss Molly. It's 12:39 a.m. and I just threw some DVRd Divorce Court action on and what do I see? A few things:
-- A MBLA-looking dude named Dirk who celebrated the fact that Judge Toler's DNA test the first time he was in Divorce Court proved that the 11-year-old son he cared for with Kandie wasn't actually his. ("Yes! I knew it!" were his words.)
-- So Dirk's all hugged up on his exe's step-sister. Which drove Kandie to get engaged to step-sister's brother Jimmy.
-- At which point it was established that Jimmy was actually the father of Cary, Son of Dirk/Kandie.
-- So Judge Toler broke from the room and sat down with Cary in chambers. "It's just weird to see them together," said Cary of Dirk and Ms. Demoss. "Because she's kind of creepy."
Oh, if Cary only knew the half of freaky it. For the first time, though, I've actually felt bad for someone. This kid, he said that Dirk isn't as close to him anymore. You ask me, he's better off. Shame on these ingrates.

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