Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joanne Meadows vs. Steve Meadows (with correction)

I'm going to resist the urge to even mention the word "jowly," but that's only because the tagteam of Joanne and Steve Meadows offered enough fodder to distract me from sightline distraction.
Like, how Steve "barters his services" repairing planes so he can fly and loves doing so ... except when Joanne calls the control tower to ask air-traffic controllers if he has ladies up in the sky with him at that very moment.
Or how Joanne gambled away their mortgage money ... which is particularly intriguing when you consider that neither Joanne nor Steve are employed.
Or how Steve is handed a To-Do schedule each morning when he leaves the home. When Steve presented Judge Lynn with a six-item list, Joanne says he made it up. "I suggest things to him," says Joanne, who is alleged to decide what pants Steve is permitted to wear.
Or how Joanne measures the seatbelts when Steve (corrected) gets home to detect whether the passenger seat one has been lady altered.
Or how Steve's witness -- and flight school owner -- Mike Punziano claims that Joanne is kind of like DeNiro in Taxi Driver with the whole "You lookin' at me?" approach to conversation.
Or how Judge Lynn gets props for asking Joanne if she considers herself fun to talk to, this while Steve avers that she's "boring and bossy." (When asked whether he made efforts to reignite the marital flame, Steve says that they just went out for chicken wings last Tuesday.)
See what I mean?


  1. Hehehe the witness looks very inteligent.

  2. I understand that how a wife talks to you is more important than what she says to you. The witness, Michael, was entertaining with his De Niro Taxi Driver example, but those were the truest words spoken on TV that day. It is not what you say that motivates people, but how you say it. I know this first hand. I constantly remind my wife that if she would ask me for things in a different tone there is nothing that I would refuse her. It goes in one ear and out the other. One day it will reach the intolerable level and I will appear on Divorce court.


  3. Valid points, Anthony. I hope you don't end up there, but if you do, give me an on-air shout-out!

  4. I think there is a typo in this write up.. why would Joanne care about the seat belt in MIKE'S CAR...

  5. Thanks for pointing that out; it's fixed.

  6. I've seen most of these episodes, but this one takes the cake. Do they hire actors for these shows? Is this stuff real?