Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ceasarae "Woo Woo" Smith vs. Jerussia "Overlordess" Smith

Back in college, someone told me the story about how they knew a nurse who told them that a baby left their nursery with a brand-spanking-new name that sounded like, "Fuh Mal Ay." It's because the parents saw the "Female" tag by their child and figured the hospital named them for you. Seriously.
Well, I thought of that as soon as the case of Ceasarae Smith vs. Jerussia Smith. I had to wonder whether Ceasarae was named after "Caesar," and Jerussia's parentals thought Jerusalem was a Moscow suburb, but things went awry at the naming ceremony. Things are still going wrong if you end up at Divorce Court though. Here's the breakdown:
-- Ceasarae says Jerussia's jealous and controlling, but that's just 'cause he cheated on her. He got caught because she hooked his cell phone bill up through her credit-card for monitoring purposes. She then found out that he bought another phone and hacked into it so she could check whether numbers showed up more than three times. He still went out with a gal who called 3+ times.
-- Ceasarae's very honest about his dalliances, though, and that's to be commended. He has a handkerchief to de-sweat his head. Even though, I can only assume Judge Lynn Toler keeps the room temp-controlled.
-- Jerussia worries that she's 14 years older than Ceasarae. Ceasarae, who was on probation at the time of wedded bliss, don't mind. But, he couldn't even wait two days to cheat. They were married a day. They soon had a chat, in which man told woman he wouldn't fight her divorce desires. They didn't split, though, and Ceasarae says he's lived under surveillance ever since. Probees notice these things. Fourteen-year elderladies just get mistaken for their boytoy's mammy.
-- Ceasarae admits that a lot of his boys are immature but that she "be over-reacting" when some lady bought him a drink one time.
-- Ceasarae says "Woo woo" a lot. I dig that.
-- Jerussia got a "Hey baby, what's good? Whatchu doing today?" text. Ceasarae thought "she was gettin some getback" so he called texter and let 'im rip.
-- Jerussia is suing for transitional support. But it seems to both me and Judge Lynn that this can all be worked out. Yes, Ceasarae has problems with Jerussia's control issues, but Jerussia is still interested in Ceasarae, who has to regain total trust. Seems that he has issues with the whole total openness thing, though. There's a chance they may be doing a follow-up appearance next season.
-- Judge Lynn digs that Jerussia got the young guy but laid down the law for ladyfolk: Let's start fighting with one another over the manfolk. Preach. On.
-- They ended with a hug after Ceasarae told Jerussia she "looked pretty."


  1. Just wanted to post a comment. I am Jerussia who appeared on the show. @Brian-my name did not come form two origins put together. I am african american just like yourself. I don't appreciate the comment regarding my name. My name is UNIQUE unlike yours (Brian). My husband's name is french. His mother was in the service and heard the name while she was there and it has nothing to do with CAESAR.
    Also, calling me an "elderlady" is disrespect. I think I look good for my age and if people want to mistake me for being his mother (I don't use the term "MAMMY") then that is their ignorance.

  2. Jerussia, you have my sincere apologies for the things that offended you. I tend to write these things off-the-cuff, with a wee bit of sarcastic irony. Sometimes I go over the top. For that, I apologize. And, for the record, you're right: Elderlady was rude; you do look good for your age. In fact, I wouldn't have seen the age-difference hadn't it been part of the conversation.
    Brian (which is a very, very boring name!)

  3. Brian-I except your apology. We he and I are together we don't think that we look that far in age. It is usually just hating younger woman who have a problem. Guys and woman my age don't ever seem to have anything to say about it. Thanks for writing the blog. You have a good day.

  4. I'm sorry... Ceasarae's name isn't French. His mother never even went to France. She wasn't in the service that long. It's just a ghetto made up name. Brian, you were right.

    And everyone in the family thinks it's weird he decided to marry a woman damn near as old as his mother. But no one really ever says anything, because well he's out of our hair.

    Keep on writing and saying what you have to say. Afterall, if these two idiots wouldn't have gone on the show, you wouldn't even know they exist.

  5. Thanks, anonymous! (It's only been a couple weeks but already, there have been some more characters on there)

  6. This is Jerussia from the show. Whomever is Anonymous from 10/14 better stay anonymous. Apparently it is someone ignorant from his family who he probably doesn't even care about anyway. He married me because he wanted to and that was his choice. He was grown and didn't have to have approval from nobody to get married. I love how people talk shit but block their names. Tell me who wrote that so I can approach you. I bet you won't have shit to say then. Step up since you have so much to say.

  7. This is Jerussia again. Anonymous on 10/14 couldn't have been from someone in his family because of some of the stuff I just realized that they wrote. It's probably one of them haters that he use to mess with that can't stand the fact that he is back with me and we are happy. It is funny though how they can talk trash but won't come forward and say who they are. I LOVE HATERS!!!!! It makes me know that I am important enough for someone to be thinking about. Plus, I already know that his family loves me so that person couldn't be in his family. None of them have ever said anything negitive to me. I can be an idiot as you say but if you really knew me you would know just how intelligent I really am.Say your name you scared bitch!!!!

  8. Well, I don't know who they are, Jerussia, but I'll certainly post any comment they send in response.