Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bruce Jasmin vs. Angela Jasmin (with rabies on top)

I'll admit it: Maybe I come down on the Divorce Court side of the man more often than not. Maybe I just haven't gotten over their getting the right to drive yet. Who knows. But even if you come down on the Divorce Court side of the ladies more often than not, one thing we'll agree on is that Bruce Jasmin is in the right. Somewhat.
I mean, just a minute into today's second episode, when Bruce was contending that Angela's a wee bit too demanding and controlling, Demanding and Controlling Angela tried to interrupt him both with a cut-off vocal attempt and by pointing at her soon-to-be-ex manpiece. Then, it was declared that Angela also takes her kids off restriction after Bruce put them up on restriction, thus undermining papa's clout. And there Angela was, smirking and trying to talk again.
Hussy, suing for 2.4 grand for a living-room and some-other-room set.
Tramp, for calling him out for working 7 months out of their 8 years of marriage.
(Side note: Bailiff walked over and whispered something in Bruce's ear when wifey poo started talking about matters of employment. And how PlayStation filled his "work hours" because "my wife likes to make decisions without me.")
"You got more excuses than Kellogg's got Corn Flakes," the judge said before declaring he was all sorts of triflin.
So, logically, the conversation soon shifted to rabies shots, as it always does, everyday, everywhere. (Daughter got bat bit so they needed to ensure none of the Jasmin clan started white-foaming at the mouf.
Well, here's the Fun Fact No. 1: While Angela tries to emasculate her lover, she spends her time watching Springer. F'real. I mean, at least that gave Judge Lynn the segue into watching D.C. instead. (Six of one, half-dozen of the other some days.)
Oh, the rabies. So, one of Angela's twin daughters -- God help us all -- got bit on the arm by a bat. And what does Bruce go and do? He leaves before getting his rabies shot. "She was harrassing me," he explained as to why he didn't.
Dude. C'mon.
At least Angela blew a gasket at show's end by maintaining that he owes her $2,400, just because she had to move to Kentucky because a bat landed on her head one time that Bruce had never heard about before.
White chicks, man. Angela should lose the right to vote. It is so ordered.


  1. Bruce Jasmin is a loser and a deadbeat. He should stop making babies he can't care for.

  2. I know him....how can I view this specific episode?