Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tenico Bowden and Dawn Jones vs. Antwine Bowden

Here's a nugget of conversation from right out of the judicial case pitting Tenico Bowden vs. Antwine Bowden after eight years of marriage.
Mrs. Bowden: "He's a jobless, jealous stalker."
Mr. Bowden: "Yeah, I might be a stalker. I wouldn't necessary call it stalking. I'd call it intelligence gathering. My wife here is over-burned party animal that likes women."
Mrs. Bowden: "Correction, your honor: LOVES women."
Now, Antwine admits he new of Tenico's penchant for bisexuality right around the time they had their first child. He didn't expand on how. There were allegations of cheating and, through his intelligence gathering, Antwine discovered Tenico was using her barbershop as a cover that turned allegation to suspicious evidence. But really, who cares? That's a dime a dozen Divorce Court factor. I'll let Tenico's new ladylove Dawn Jones break it down: Dawn started seeing Tenico while she was still married to Antwine and says he just showed up at her place around the time that Tenico "retired" from barbering.
From there Tenico claims her Sixth Sense led her to believe he was cheating on her. Antwine then afforded the ladies the right to live as a happy triple. "But it's not like that!" all three of them said.
And, well, that's when I lost interest. Because it really wasn't like that.

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