Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nicole Adley vs. Delawrence Adley

Anytime a Divorce Court proceeding begins with the sentence, "I've been bamboozled, led astray by this gorgeous man right here," you know you're in for a treat. But, as soon as you get all giddy 'n shit, the dame drops that they have a "compromised child born with a short esophagus," and playtime's over. Well, philosophically. Not literally. Because -- check this out, fellas -- when Nicole Adley would head out to work to, you know, make some money, Delawrence Adley readily admits that Judge Toler was right in saying that, "these sare the remarks of a man who doesn't want to work."
"No Ma'am. I like to stay home and play video games. ... I don't like to sweat. I don't like to get dirty. That's not me."
And even though Judge Lynn got all "you're an embarrassment to brothers everywhere" or something like that, and sided with Nicole in her pursuit of $450 to repair a bumper her man destroyed - "It's not my fault" came to delawrdecree -- I back Delawrence, even over Nicole's crocodile girl-power tears. ("I love him, but I love him enough to walk away, sugar.")
Delawrence is smooth like BDK.
Delawrence is pimp like Don the Magic Juan.
Delawrence, says Nicole, "is very sexual" like Casanova
And Delawrence ain't about to let a courtroom filled to the teeth with haters get HIM down.
Game, Delawrence.
Set, Delawrence.
Match, Delawrence.
It is so ordered.

Clearly, Danielle has never laid eyes upon Delawrence.

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