Thursday, August 6, 2009

Latoya Young vs. Thurston Young

Well, this was a first: Let's call it Threesome Divorce Court. Latoya Young married Thurston Young seven-and-a-half years ago and says, "It's been hell. He lied, cheated and tried to control me, but I didn't let him." Well, that's no good. So, Thurston went and pursued an open relationship whereby Mimi Velasquz (who just happened to wear a moo-moo to Judge Toler's courtroom) moved in for a few months. But, get this: Mimi says, "They introduced themselves as cousins." Yowsers!
It seems the problems started a little before home-begat-brothel with back-and-forth wannabe-swinger accusations. Latoya, who is angrier than Henry Rollins, says they "used to take walks in the mall, have fun, enjoy things," but that "the fun just stopped after I gave him his first daughter." She proceeds to accuse him of chit-chatting on the phone all the time" but Thurston -- with Mimi seconding the motion -- says that Latoya spends all her time chit-chatting on the phone! Have mercy!!!
When Mimi brings her crooked front tooth to the stand, she admits she was banging Mr. Young while Mrs. Young was home, but that Mrs. Young had another Mister with her at the time. Things turned sour when another chick from North Carolina's arrival exposed the fact that the cousins were actually spouses. Miss NC was sent away, though, when Thurston told her he preferred the girl from Jersey (aka Mimi). Still with me?
A highlight: Mimi, after saying "She don't have this ring for nothing" and that Thurston turns over his entire paycheck to her, noted that "He's done things for me to me that he's never done to his wife and other females." To which Judge Toler responded that Thurston "had half of the continental United States" traipsing through his bedroom. Tou-f'in-che, Lynn.
The silver lining, however, is that one he divorces himself from Latoya (who worked as a home health aide for four months), Thurston plans to marry Mimi. Break out the shotgun, though: Mimi's already five months preggers.
Woe is that friggin' kid, but at least Her Honor urged Mimi to wait a few years to breed again, just in case Thurston isn't really a knight in shining armor. (Which, clearly, he is.)


  1. hey i wanted to thank judge toler for her help and support this is mimi velasquez and i wanted to let you kno that after a month later after the show was taped i left mr. young and as far as the child i had a miss carriged.

  2. It's probably for the better than you're out of that crossfire I saw on TV today, but I'm so very sorry to hear about the child, Mimi.