Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kimberly Sabaston vs. Robert Sabaston

Talk about a match made in hell. Mrs. Kimberly Sabaston is totally out of Mr. Robert Sabaston's hotness league. Yet, there she is ring on her finger. A ring that bought her 14 years of no affection or caring, and being told, among other things, what she could and couldn't wear. Makes sense, then, that he wants to stay married yet she doesn't.
Robert cops to a controlling nature thanks to his military history, which is pretty valiant of him, but Kimberly undercuts any pity by quoting one of "hundreds of letters" asking him for hugs and affection before he explains why he was in the right. To which I say: Dude, seriously? You never acted on hot bride asking you to feel up on her because you "could never totally trust her" after hearing she sidled up wit dudes while they were separated?
Fun fact: Robert wrote a resume for Kimberly including a summary of qualifications that read, "Causing pain and suffering, don't care who $50, Acting like a fool $75, Not being smart enough to know what I'm doing, PRICELESS." Ok, that's creative and a bit humorous, I'll give him that.
Under "Supporting Strengths," the resume listed, "Strong conflict and problem starting skills. As a hobby, I enjoy ignoring my family (except my 18 year old daughter whom I am training) and going out to drink, party and collect [BLURRED OUT] for my personal use. (I don't use my hands though, it's too messy.) ...
"Experience: 2007-present. Queen Hoe."
Even Judge Lynn found it funny, because it was funny. But the fact of the matter is this: Kimberly got into this whole mess because she moved in with Robert after knowing him for a week because "she needed a place to stay." Fourteen years later, her online affairs led to real affairs that had her travel to Miami with a sidepiece; her arrival home launched Robert's stalker-ism. "I was not stalking her," Robert retorted. "I was defending my marriage."
Doesn't look to me like it can be saved here, but Robert surely does because he still loves Kimberly. But, he clearly lost the public-relations war when he handed Lynn a letter from their 8-year-old son begging for help. Once Kimberly told the court that Robert saddled the kid with the theory that "mommy chose boyfriend over daddy," well, that was the Tet Offensive against Robert. It is so ordered.

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