Friday, August 21, 2009

Jennifer Simmons v. Omarr Jennings (Double Feature)

Well, now I've seen it all. By "it all," I mean a case that requires not one episode of Divorce Court, but two. But even early on, I can tell this was a special case. Just look at how it's broken down on the info bar:

That's right, Omarr Jennings from San Antonio done pulled the "trifling" card. Snap.
Right out the gate, Jennifer Simmons's all like, Omarr don't want to provide for his family. Omarr don't want to stop cheating. Trifling, indeed. But she had the money line of recent Divorce Court memory with, in talking about how they met, but not knowing Omarr was already married at the time, "We both had something in common, which was nothing. I thought nothing and nothing might make something. But nothing and nothing leaves nothing."
Now, that's some deep shit. For real, f'real. Even if Omarr, a 31-year-old forklift operator with five kids spread across two marriages, had to go all, "She had nothing. I had hope."
To which Judge Toler retorted, "Hope hasn't paid a bill yet." Double snap. Oh, here's Omarr and Jennifer:
So anyway, a few fun facts:
-- Omarr was suing to get a picture of his great grandmom back.
-- Omarr's wife torched Jennifer's welcome mat when she found her husband was trampin' about.
-- At Omarr and Jennifer's wedding, when the priest asked if anybody objected, everybody looked at Jennifer's mom who told Judge Toler that, "She went from riches to rags." Triple snap. "He's a thug. Reaking of smoke. Walks in [to Thanksgiving] wassup, wassup, wassup. I'm checking him out and he's checking my other daughter out and Jennifer can't see it!"
-- Omarr's all like, Jennifer's mom neglected Jennifer so she has no room to judge.
-- Omarr managed, somehow, to "manage" to get a Suburban sans job. (Big ups, O.)
-- Jennifer was, according to Omarr, an exotic dancer. Jennifer was NOT, according to Jennifer and Jennifer's mother, an exotic dancer. This is important because, according to Judge Toler, Omarr "discussed pimping his wife out to pay some bills." Quadruple SNAP. (She ultimately got a job as a janitor. Yeah, lady janitor.)
-- Jennifer alleged that Omarr gambled away the rent money. Omarr concedes as much.
-- Omarr says Jennifer was very disrespectful to him on multiple occasions in public, not affording him the ability to handle their finances.
And that's only the first episode!
The second half kicks off with a discussion of Omarr's dreams of being a rapper. Which, quickly segues into how Jennifer got locked up for slapping Omarr with a knife one him. "Didn't stab him. Slapped him." which is as good a defense as any, I guess. But still, that's just the kind of disrespect that Omarr's talkin' 'bout. Back to the fun-fact construct:
-- During one fight over Omarr's cheating, Jennifer locked herself in a 7-11 bathroom.
-- Jennifer ended up getting a job "because the fast money was gettin' old to me." Plus, she was "getting ready to have my baby."
-- Jennifer busted into Omarr's Yahoo account and saw an email from another young lady. She proceeded to call that young lady who let her know something that refuted the thought that she was interested in Omarr. That something? "She was interested in me!" Jennifer declared. F yeah.
-- Omarr says she slacked off after she had some kids. Jennifer says she did so on purpose and sidled up to Omarr's boss, who was a rat bastard being all like, "Omarr's going to the strip joints getting strip joints." Noted Jennifer, "He was providing me with information. I was providing him with pleasure." (Whore.)

All of which is to say, well, these are some really putrid human beings. Shame on them for wasting Judge Lynn Toler's time. I feel like part of me managed to die in the past 44 minutes. And Omarr's great grandmom is ashamed of her bloodline.


  1. omg.she's my baby cousin.that's not the beautiful, intelligent, young lady I once knew...

  2. I saw the second episode just recently and I had to rewind several times to see that smile of Jennifer's. Gorgeous!Lovely!Beautiful!

  3. omg thats my mom and my dad