Saturday, July 18, 2009

Amanda Scott vs. Charles Scott; Rock hangs in the balance

Awesome case on D.C. that I just caught via the wonders of a DVR. It was pitting Amanda Scott vs. her husband Charles Scott and custody of their pooch, Rock, who was in court but unable to testify on either parents' behalf.
Amanda really wanted to stay married, and Charles kind of wanted to stay married, but if it couldn't work out, Amanda was vehement that Rock stayed with her. I can see why. Rock's pimp.
The non-canine issues were Charles' flirtations...
"He likes to flirt very much. A big flirt. Check out the earrings in his ears."

She cited the cases of women flirting with him at a restaurant and a department store, inviting Charles home for a threesome with her and her husband. But Charles was having none of it.
"Every time we went back, I'd ask him is that her, is that her. ... Then, he went to bar and got in trouble for dancing with someone's wife!"

... and Amanda's online activities and her slovenly side...
"She started calling me Charlie (very first day we met) and said nobody else could. First time I ever seen this girl, I just started working at McDonalds restaurant, she called me Charlie (and Amanda freaked out.) ... She should stop fussing so much and at least have some kind of consideration. She'll get up from the computer walk to the sink and just leave her dirty dishes in there."

But, the star of this show was clearly Rock, about whom Judge Lynn had veterinarian Dr. Sean Goodell come in from Manhattan Beach to talk about proper pet feedings. Charles, it seems, likes feeding Rock "tuna fish, Mike and Ikes." To which he retorted he honors the nutritional charts of "vegetables, meats and dairy." Amanda had a video of Rock getting his doggy mouf on some ribs that Charles brought him in a styrofoam container...

Long story short: They didn't split at the end, and Dr. Goodell left us all with a valuable lesson.
"Ribs, for instance, are high in fat. They can actually give a dog a pretty bad upset stomach, even to the degree of hospitalization. But if he hasn't (reacted poorly to them after eating them every so often), he's probably a dog with a tough stomach."

But chocolate? That's a no-no.
Which Charlie gladly accepted:
"Fried chicken, Rock can eat that, because it's not chocolate."

Valuable lesson, learned.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Triplett v. Smith

Short and sweet: Brandi Smith was married to Todd Triplett's best friend. Brandi Smith cheated on Todd Triplett's best friend with Todd Triplett, thus leading to a November 2008 appearance in Divorce Court. Lo and behold, Brandi was back for a second appearance just a few months later, seeking Judge Toler's blessing to wed the man with whom she cheated. (Spoiler: She said as long as Todd gets himself, like Brandi urges, a J-O-B, they should be fine.) The only questions centered on Todd's jealousy and controlling nature. That said, I concur with the stance that made its way onto an on-screen graphic:

Nice. Beardey thing. Bro.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

That Damn Movie Food

McKinniss v. McKinniss

Gary McKinniss is the kind of guy who brings a cowboy hat with him to Divorce Court, but knows better than to obscure our view of his permullet with it. (Think of him as a trailor-park inspired version of the narrator from Lebowski.)
Whose wife of 22 years, Kathy, offers a video of Gary brushing one of his three horses hair and says, "He doesn't brush my hair like that." (Heartbreaking but understandable as she didn't dress better than a TJ Maxx sale for her -- I would assume -- only TV appearance.)
Who gets accused of stealing 12K from their joint checking account despite that she doesn't have a job and he's the breadwinning maintenance man at 119 properties!
Whose mother-in-law, Dororty Blankenship, came to court via speakerphone to weigh in on her daughter's longing to break the ties that bind her to Gary. (Talk about backfiring; Ms. Blankenship said she "loves him but just wish he'd get a full-time job.)
Who won't let his bride watch "the murder stuff on Lifetime because he thinks I'm plotting" (Those assembled may have laughed heartily, but Gary confirmed that it was a "good possibility. ... She already ranned me over with truck, gave it more gas when I was in front of it on my bike." This, after she pulled all the wires out of his car because he "was leaving.")
Who, when his wife was getting ready to go out and find a job, stole and hid her shoe. (It would have been shoes, but she already had one on!) Talk about a jealous streak!
Who doesn't know if his 15-year-old daughter Kalee is flesh and blood. If she wasn't, he wanted a divorce. If she was, wife wanted a divorce. A Divorce Court Catch-22 if I've ever seen one!(A paternity test proved she was and Judge Toler, at the end of the show, urged him to get on his 'pologizin' knees and make up his questioning of Kalee, to Kalee. Indeed, he planned on it.)
But, worst of all in Kathy's eyes, "He wants to watch wrestling (all the time.) He wants me to watch wrestling. I don't like wrestling!"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Walthall vs. Walthall

Well, the case of Brandon Walthall vs. Comonet Walthall was interesting in that Judge Toler enlisted the help of "Evangelist Dr." Juanita Bynum, who watched the proceedings unfold from insider chambers. This, because the Walthall's said that the pastor of their church -- and what a fine church it must be -- told them to go home, pray on who they'd get assigned to marry, come back and tell Him who Jebus assigned to the task.
While Bynum maintained that Scripture holds "He who findeth a wife, not pastor findeth for him," both Walthalls claim the Lordeth told them to marry other people. But, he told them to marry each other (they were each other's third "vision." Which they did.
Long story short:
-- Brandon cheated on Comonet with someone in the congregation!
-- They trusted said pastor because, when he prophesized that anybody who needs a new car will get one, they needed and got one. (Coincidentally, with zero down, at the dealership where the pastor told them that Jebus told him they'd find a good deal.) "That led us to believe, 'God, we should believe him (the pastor.) He said zero down!" Seriously.
-- Evangelist Dr. Bynum, when summoned into the House of the Law, told Lynn Toler "my stomach was boiling back there." She proceeded to dress Mr. Walthall down for yelling at Mrs. Walthall for getting food stamps when, in fact, he was "bringing in enough money to keep everybody's bellies full."
An American tragedy, to be sure. But, even an evangelist doctor can't alter the course of history when people list the reason for their pending divorce as "they never loved each other."
It was so ordered.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So, today's first case was rather boring. Only notable in that hubby was 35 and wifey was 21. And that they had three kids. Ho-hum. But the call-in answer? Another story altogether. Suffice it to say, I think Hope from Ohio is a downright scamp.