Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tylinda Peavey vs Derrick Peavey

Sweet f'in Christ. As if it isn't bad enough that Derrick Peavey stole $425 off of his ladyfriend Tylinda. No. That's nothing. Here's what's bad: Derrick's temper. Maybe temper is too weak of a word. But pathologically violent isn't. He's brawling at hoops games. He's brawling at clubs. He's brawling in front of her kid. And here's what the kind of dude who delicately shaves a skinny beard-and-stash line on his mug has to say about allegations that he be brawling with his wife:
"If you big enough to put your hands on a man, you big enough to get hit back," says Derrick.
Oh really? So, Nicole Simpson asked for it? I don't wanna be hearing about Tylinda's purported cheating and mouthiness and box-cutter wielding and controlling nature.
Derrick's a punk-ass girl-and-child-punching bitch.
And, I ain't got no time for them on this blog.

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  1. Im going through the same thing with Derrick. I let him stay at my place while I was out of town and my purse and digital camera came up missing. He knows he did it!