Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brittany Jenkins vs Chris Jenkins vs Brittany Jenkins' Mammy

I think I should just let this story tell itself in over the course of a paragraph. Here goes:
Brittany Jenkins, a roomy girl, found a pair of size 5 panties in Chris Jenkins' car and, knowing full-well that she couldn't fit an ear in size 5 panties, figured Chris was cheating on her with a woman who could fit in size 5 panties. Chris Jenkins blamed Brittany Jenkins' mama, who'd recently borrowed the car, for leaving unmentionables under the seat. "I don't wear bikinis," said Brittany Jenkins' mama. "I wear the full cut." She then pantomimed pulling full-cut panties up over the hips. She had a cane in one hand. I didn't hear anything else they had to say.

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