Monday, December 7, 2009

Angela Coleman vs Sherrod Coleman

In no way, shape or form should Sherrod Coleman be in the running for Pimp of the Year. He mumbles, he wears plain clothes (he wrapped sweatpants 'round his neck "like it was a fashionable scarf") and his bloodline probably hasn't sipped from a chalice since the days of Merlin. I think his wife of nine months, Angela, would agree. Even if Sherrod says she too bossy like the times she "steady telling me" how to drive safely, or when she complains about how fast his windshield wipers is on.
All that said, Sherrod's got a wannabe-pimpin' streak. Or at least that's how it seemed after Angela was all like People was watching us do a little dance so he asked onlookers at their regular bar, "You got some money for her. You want to buy her?" (Sarcasm, he says, because the dude was watching. Not pimpitude.)
The more I heard, though, the more I wish the voyeur had told Sherrod yes. Not only for the black-market profitability of a woman, but because I be thinking he's right: This woman's annoying, and averse to cooking and cleaning like Sherrod thinks a wife should do. But is she more annoying that Sherrod saying "why she thinking I always gotta leave a tip? If I pay for the meal, why I gotta leave a tip too?!" I'll leave that up to you to decide.

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  1. Well, I agree Sherrod is no pimp....but he does have a lot of kids everywhere....I am one of those women who has one of his kids, he has an eight year old son with me, whose name is Matthew, now I don't know if she knows that but he does. He is not even worth two cents if he was married and sleeping with me.