Friday, November 20, 2009

Shannon Abbott vs David Abbott

So, this one can be summarized in one sentence: Over the course of a single week, David Abbott's wife and David Abbott's girlfriend had children. THAT, dear readers, is virility. And the value of David Abbott can be summarized best with another sentence: David banged Shannon's friend because Shannon wasn't "paying no attention to me at all."
"You got no class, Mr. Abbott, what's up with that?" asked Judge Toler.
"Been a bad boy," responded the bad boy, who was noted to have said that he banged said friend because he thought she was Shannon.
Dude's A-list.
Dude's 2 legit 2 quit.
And dude's just laughing when Shannon brings up the time he saw her van at a gas station and he'd had four dames with him. "I wasn't cheatin' then," sayeth David, who followed Shannon to Florida to convince her to move back to Tennessee when he knew full well that he already had another hussy living with him.
I can only assume this happens with regularity in the Disney Land of NASCAR-Nation Trailer-Parkery.
Fun fact: She says he has "12 or 13" kids; he cops to about 6.
Fun fact No. 2: I'd have to think he owes her the $465 she needs for the kids' sports equipment.
"He's my first true love," Shannon says. But his girlfriend "was in our bed when I was on the couch asleep. He kicks me and our son out. I had to live with his mom."
"Couldn't get her to quit partying in stuff so I had to start seeing another girl," retorted David, who listened when girlfriend told him not to attend his daughter's birth. "The girl I'm dating is pretty nice. She helps me pay my bills and stuff. She does everything I ask."
I don't know about you, but I think David's getting a bum rap here. What's wrong with impregnating everything in sight, and juggling womenfolk square in the same double-wide?
Nothing, that's what.
Shame on you for you turning this against David, Shannon.



  2. It's funny how people are so quick judge, that's tv and all is not told..Maybe they should have researched his wife's history a little bit more, and she forgot to mention that she was sleeping with his mistress too, they also hung out together knowing what was going on, she is the dumb one for letting it happen...

  3. Not a good result come out from it. Both are defending them self.

  4. I think its just funny how everyone in the town were from knows how he is but yet they still procreate and think they know he loves me he is different with me. I have known him for atleast 15 years and he has always been the same. He likes girls, tail and hanging out. This has never changed and everyone he has ever been with has been told thats how he is. I like David and he lives life for him no one else. I am in no posotion to judge either of them but they both screwed this marriage up.

    1. Or maybe the crack. He is a real piece of shit. Fuck the pussy but take care of ur kids. Can u say dead beat dad that shoots up

    2. He isn't a bad dad. He's my dad and he loves me. Shannon was an aweful step mom and she always causes shit, so don't hate on David so much.

  5. Okay, so the whole "I can only assume this happens with regularity in the Disney Land of NASCAR-Nation Trailer-Parkery." I live in the same fucking area seeing as david is my dad, and just so you know the whole nascar-nation trailer parkery thing is a stereotype. You my kind sir, are fucking ignorant. Yes my dad is a complete and utter moron, but that sort of thing ( the thing of which he does [Fucking around] ) is NOT something that happens in this area. I'm quite sure it happens all over seeing as there are morons such as him all over the world. Just thought that out there.

  6. @Christy, you are exactly right. I've only been around my dad for 5 years now and i could tell how he was from day one. He has a way with words and everyone falls for it.

  7. I lived in South Carolina for a year and a half, Tori, and saw that "stereotype" come to life on more than 1 (hundred) occasion(s).

  8. He is a deadbeat loser. An old man wit a drug habit. Who can only get fat ugly women.. grow up loser. Maybe he will get tossed in jail.....