Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ricky Owens vs Andrea Owens

The first thing I noticed about Ricky and Andrea Owens is that they matched. Well, their blue shirts, at least. But they don't apparently match in dreamscaping (Andrea don't be supporting Rickey's rap and barber-shop-owning dreams) and fidelity (Ricky's a cheater, sayeth wife; Andrea's a passion withholder, sayeth husband.) She don't want all those strangers' hair cluttering their house if he only gonna charge $3-$5 a 'do fo friends.
So anyway, he's onto designing sneakers now for a kids' charity, SOK (Save Our Kids.) He be a hustla, that's for sure. But hustlin ain't doing much bank-roll building. And when some tramp writes a letter all like, "I think I might be pregnant wit cho baby, Ricky," well, Andrea ain't having it. I have a feeling Judge Toler ain't gonna be giving Ricky the five grand he says Andrea "spent recklessly." Especially considering he gave her a busted-up 99-cent teddy bear as a gift.
"He think he Snoop Doggy Dogg, but he sound like Snoop Sloggy Slog," said Andrea of Ricky's game. And Ricky's game involved free-styling up in the courtroom.
He was bad. Not bad as in good. But bad like not a very talented rapper.
Sorry Ricky, I fall on the Andrea side of things up in this beeatch, and that's even if she cheated in response to his cheatin wit her best friend.

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