Thursday, November 26, 2009

LaReagan "Probation Officer" Fleming vs Tim "Was getting into some things in New Jersey" Fleming

I give thanks for Tim Fleming and LaReagan Fleming on this Turkey Day. The list of reasons now commences.

1. LaReagan says Tim isn't a man because he won't stand up to his grandmother. That she's the lady of the house. When they fight, Tim "runs over (to grandma's house) like a big baby." So she's willing to smack the bitch up. Because her parents raised her to strike back when struck.

2. They love interrupting one another when they're addressing the court.

3. Tim said "I was an only child and I was getting into some things in New Jersey" so he was sent to live with his grandmother.

4. Tim says "LaReagan is more of a man" than he is. He says she runs her mouth too much. The bailiff escorted her away from the mic, thus supporting that theory.

5. He says he "has a whole bunch of complaints." The judge asks for the top three. 1) She's controlling to the point of color-coordinating his pajamas when he's in the shower ... "She is cray-zee."

6. LaReagan says "if it ain't the way I want it, it ain't right."

7. Says Judge Toler, "There's a difference between being real and being rude. You're just rude." LaReagan looked like she wanted to smack the judge.

8. Tim's been on probation for 14 years. He says she seems like a probation officer. He should know. She also drives like "Jeff Gordon" when he hangs out in the parking lot with her brother. She threw tea in his face. "I can't take it no more your honor. If anything, I want money from her." LaReagan's asking for $9,000. She says "you ain't getting nothing."

9. He knows that if he hits her he'll go to jail so that's why he don't smack dat biatch.

10. He suspects she may have put some "GPS in his skin" since she tracked him down en route home from Georgia. Apparently his auntie dropped dime.

11. LaReagan says they argue all the time. I can't believe that. "I'm the one that make your world go 'round, baby. Tell (grannie) dat."

12. They had a battle over salad dressing. She "blowed" up because he left a choice of dressings out on the counter. "Piece of mind is priceless," sayeth Tim.

13. LaReagan is 28. They've been together 14 years. She has 5 kids. She's a stay-at-home mammy.

14. "If I had a plaque, statue, some confetti, sparklers, I'd give them to you. God bless you for the time you've spent with this women. You put up with a woman who wouldn't let you pick what color underwear to wear to bed," said the Judge, who then lit into LaReagan. "I pride myself in finding something to like, enjoy, respect about somebody. So far, I've found nothing. ... You have lost a good man. Learn something from this. ... If he's not a man, it's cause you chopped him up and spread him around the house."

15. Bitch-ass turkey, that LaReagan.

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  1. i dont think nothing is wrong with keeping your man in check. i have rules and they will be followed. i must be doing something right he called off the divorce. so for all you haters out there hating on me get someone who loves you in your life.