Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kristina Ortiz vs Jose Ortiz

I would like to present you with a quote from yesterday's Divorce Court hearing:
"First of all, the date we went on, we were walking down Fremont Street, going to the Las Vegas Strip and the guy that I had been seeing, we were actually separated, I was no longer with him, he had still wanted to try to work things out but because he was so unfaithful to me, I didn't want to be with him, we were walking down the street, we passed him, and because I was with him, I wanted, I walked right past him, he didn't even say anything. We had gone all the way down the street, and across the Strip, and he turns around and grabs me and says, 'Well what are you doing' and starts dragging me down the street... If he wanted to be with me so bad, why is he standing there just watching some man grab a hold of me and pulling me down the street."

The run-on grammar may evoke Arthur Kadyshes, but that's not what grabs me. Here's what did: Fremont is nowhere near the Strip. And Fremont is not the place to go for a date. I know this, because of Freddie Morgan.
Hence, I care not to hear another word. Shame on you, Ortizes.

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  1. hey man thats my sister your talking about... i just want to say thank you. i haven't laughed so incredibly hard in a while like that. i have no idea who you are but you are officaly my hero.