Thursday, November 26, 2009

GYPSIES ON DIVORCE COURT!!! Gypsy "Griftin the Night Away" Joles vs Honey "Licensed Body Piercer" Joles

Gypsy Joles and Honey Joles are gypsies. Obviously.
Gypsy breaks down the septic-tank grift they use, in detail. It involves selling red Kool-Aid for thirty bucks; skimming six hundred. Well Honey, she says they went to a gay pride festival and Gypsy the gypsy got drunk and started stage diving.
He dreams of opening a tattoo parlor, and noted to Judge Toler that "when she found out how hot you are, we almost didn't come to the show."
I just don't know what to believe and what's a grift here. She's in her third marriage; they went to a bar when she was seven months pregnant because she "likes to play pool."
"Is she making this up?" the judge asked when Honey said his Myspace friends would send her noodz.
"Some of it," sayeth gypsy Gypsy.
But, back to the reality/snooker line: I knew of some gypsies when I worked down in AC. Culturally, the women did all the work while the menfolk just chilled. So, why does he want to open a tattoo shop?! Probably because that's what it'll take to get $12K for tattoo equipment outta Honey.
And why is Honey complaining that gypsy Gypsy says he's hungry, or violating gypsy code by disrespecting him like this. Gypsy women aren't even allowed to walk between gypsy men while they're talking.
I would assume gypsies from coast-to-coast will be up in arms by Honey complaining about gypsy Gypsy's bed prowess. Even if he's not all that compassionate, admittedly, and worries more about money than sex.
Judge Lynn called them out on griftin since judges aren't permitted to endorse or empower scam meisters and fraus. No respect for the law means no 12 grand.


  1. thats my parents, thank you for hating. Not to burst your bubble, but 99% of what they said was fake. You honestly thought we'd involve a cent of true info about our heritage on public television? These are my PARENTS. We lie about plenty, yet still maintaining wonderful friendships with insiders. we after all wouldn't want the gorgias in on our true life. everythings a hustle, including divorce court. You think im going to complain about a free flight to hollywood and a badass suite and relaxation for 4 days. Nahhhhh.
    It was fun.
    kushti bach--
    --lily joles.

  2. To clear things up, My mother can't handle a tid bit of schnapps in her drink. Her alcohol tolerance was so low half a bud light and she would be done. My dad is the one to worry about. a six pack during work and a forty oz of corona after? probably not too good. My mom loves to play pool. we lived right next door to an asian owned bar and they let us play unlimited games of pool in exchange for a couple piercings. This episode was all so fake, we already had the tattoo shop, made bank off of it, and moved the fuck away. :) Gypsy was murdered in case you didnt know...

  3. Thanks, Lily and son(?) for commenting. Sorry I didn't see them till now. I moved the blog to
    And, my condolences on Gypsy's murder. If you can send a link, I'll post it on my new site.
    Send it to
    - Brian

  4. More and more famous people getting divorce is every time more common any way every body gets dumped, what is the big deal?

  5. I know these two, and they are the coolest people I have EVER met in my life. Gypsy gave my friend a free tattoo once, when his baby died. They have beautiful souls. The good things they did was more than they are getting credit report. RIP gypsy, Honey is taking care of and raising 4 awesome kids. That Episode on tv was the funniest thing anyone I have ever known has done. They are crazy like that. You would just have to know them, to understand how they work. Oh yeah, Honey is putting out a book, I seen it at :
    There is an old saying::Dont believe everything you see, and none of what you hear!

  6. It's been almost three years and i still can't believe that Gypsy is gone. he taught me so much when we walked the yard in prison. He was an upstanding man, he stood his ground regardless of what people said. Always quick to help a friend in need and give you anything he had. We will always love you and miss you forever. I just wish I could of been there when he was shot in the back. Much love.