Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ernesto Bailey vs. Sierra Bailey

Let's compile a little list:
Ernesto Bailey had his wife Sierra's parents arrested for threatening him. "I'd do it again. I wish I'd have did it again yesterday," he says. He also confirms that he did, in fact, hit Sierra's dad.
Ernesto Bailey knocked another lady up. Sierra hasn't cheated.
Sierra Bailey burned Ernesto's clothes; she says he can't hold a job. (Like the time he quit a job throwing boxes because someone threw a box at him.)
Ernesto Bailey claims he's been working non-stop for seven years since "she's the boss."
Sierra Bailey seems really mouthy, and not in a good way.
Ernesto Bailey, who likes to hang out outside of "his building" alone, seems really controlling about his bride showing some skin, and not in a good way.
To mine eyes, this seems like a draw.

But there is a very important point to be made here: PHILLY GETS A SHOUT-OUT, YO! I mean, it's not a big one. Ernesto merely pointed out that Sierra went to Philadelphia with her parents one time.
And, at that point, it all made sense: Sierra totally seems like she's got Strawberry Mansion or Olney all up in her genes 'n sh*t. I should've known the second I heard she had had another guy's baby.
Sierra wins. It is so ordered.

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