Friday, November 20, 2009

Damien Collins vs Ashley Washington

So, Damien thinks he "can be with anybody," which goes a long was toward explaining why Ashley Washington's family can't stand her choice in mate.
Factor in the fact that Damien's all like "she gained too much weight," and that he wants a grand back for the gold chain of his that she hocked, and this has the makings of an award-winning procedure.
That award: Damien is the biggest fucking douchebag in the show's history.
"I can't help that I'm a good-looking brother," says Damien.
Well, for one thing, he ain't.And for another thing, you can help being a cold-hearted scumbag with an over-inflated sense of worth. This, to the point where he thinks it's a'ight to wear a purple tie with a purple shirt.
Gap-toof and all, Ashley deserve better than this fool. I mean, she ain't tight bodied or nothing like that - "buxom" is the term that initially came to mind; BBW is the other-DC-episode-inspired moniker - so he ain't wrong with the concerns. It's just that those concerns are shallow, especially when they coming from some chump who don't even want to hold a job and whines about getting laid-off "without even a day's notice."
Wah. Layoffs are layoffs because they don't come with warning. Otherwise, Damien, they'd be called "planned vacation time."I'd delve into the definitions of "real man," but I figure the guy who insults and admits that he'd stick with her if she just dropped 30 lbs would just ignore them.
Run, Ashley.
You don't need a simple, triflin fool who does little but give an entire race and gender a filthy name -- and chase a Divorce Court fan to the TiVo's delete button before the entire episode's even recorded.

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