Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DaJuan Davis vs Tera Alford

Oh man, oh man, oh man, what DO we have here. Seems that DaJuan Davis wants to leave Tera Alford "after seven years of being together" (which leads me to believe they're playing fast and loose with the term "divorce") because she constantly rides him about what he feeds his step-daughters because they obese, wit' wide hips and all.
"When they ask me to eat, I feed em," sayeth DaJuan.
When asked by Judge Toler what she eats, Tyera, who is one of the two step-daughters up in the courtroom says, "Nuggets. Cheesesteaks. Fries. Soda." I think they're from North Philly with that kinda diet.
So anyway, Tera's all coke-thin, naw'mean? And the daughters, well, Jame Gumb might've liked them for his lady suit, naw'mean?
"We eat out, but he cook for us too," says the other step-daughter Shakema. "We don't eat out every day. Eating at McDonald's once or twice a week is not unhealthy."
"I like what I eat," adds Tyera, "and I think I'm healthy the way I am. I don't think I'm that big. I'm healthy."
Body-image power at its finest. Well, if they hadn't have dragged them roomy kids onto daytime television to wade into the middle of a grown-up problem.
Anyway, it devolves into a debate about why Tera be ridin him all the time. There seems to be a sense of entitlement since she's making all the money, taking care of him and paying all the bills. Tera looks to be an emasculating binge-and-purger. Get away, DaJuan, after you find someone else who'll make bank but won't get on you about keeping the house presentable while she's out in the rat races.

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