Thursday, November 26, 2009

Byron "She Try to Steal My Youth" Barnett vs Dominique "Shaved Eyebrows" Clausell

Byron and Dominique have been married for five months. Byron says he comes from a line of royalty, that Dominique's crazy. Dominique may be crazy, but she's pretty hot, too, and thinks Byron's a chauvinist. So anyway, I think one vignette tells the entire story of this relationship.
Byron was on the computer "doing important stuff." He starts yelling for Dominique. Screaming from the other room, she says. What did he want? "Go get me the Hennessey from the freezer." Said it was her wifely duty to do so. She thought otherwise, threw the bottle, thus breaking it on the floor. To which he says, "Go read the Bible and see what a good wife should do."
He also noted that men "do the hard part" in reference to having children.
She then mentioned that one time, when he wanted to go out wit his homeboys, she bit him. For an extended period. On his back. She took off afterwards, just circling the block with his car keys in her possession.
That's all for now.

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