Monday, November 30, 2009

Beth Hunter vs Kent Hunter

So if I have this right, Beth Hunter wants to leave Kent Hunter because he's a temper ball waiting to explode. He's a road-rage aficionado, a homefront screamer both when dishes are left in the sink and when he can't walk out the door when he's ready to go because Beth is tidying up. He uses his work as a bounty hunter as an excuse for needing to lash out.
I call shenanigans. The Dog ain't all chippy with Mrs. Dog out in Hawaii, is he? No, he's not. Because the world is chock full of stressful jobs.
Before Judge Lynn, he got all "Wah, I'm a pussy," complaining that she only gave him one bowl of macaroni when he can eat two, three, the whole pack of macaroni. Then, he corrects her when she's talking about her car -- "my car" -- and her car window -- "my window." Blah, blah, fucking blah.
Kent Hunter, quit whining, grow a fucking pair and, if you really want her to stay with you, which she shouldn't, treat your wife like she's actually the woman with whom you wanted to spend the rest of your life.
You're a scheming douchebag. And Beth ain't much better for procreating with him in the first place.
You both fail every test imaginable.
It is so ordered.

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  1. Hickey is a fag and does not have a pair. Hickey needs to shut up and go suck a dicky. It's just a t.v. show they both got paid to do....get a life.