Sunday, July 5, 2009

Walthall vs. Walthall

Well, the case of Brandon Walthall vs. Comonet Walthall was interesting in that Judge Toler enlisted the help of "Evangelist Dr." Juanita Bynum, who watched the proceedings unfold from insider chambers. This, because the Walthall's said that the pastor of their church -- and what a fine church it must be -- told them to go home, pray on who they'd get assigned to marry, come back and tell Him who Jebus assigned to the task.
While Bynum maintained that Scripture holds "He who findeth a wife, not pastor findeth for him," both Walthalls claim the Lordeth told them to marry other people. But, he told them to marry each other (they were each other's third "vision." Which they did.
Long story short:
-- Brandon cheated on Comonet with someone in the congregation!
-- They trusted said pastor because, when he prophesized that anybody who needs a new car will get one, they needed and got one. (Coincidentally, with zero down, at the dealership where the pastor told them that Jebus told him they'd find a good deal.) "That led us to believe, 'God, we should believe him (the pastor.) He said zero down!" Seriously.
-- Evangelist Dr. Bynum, when summoned into the House of the Law, told Lynn Toler "my stomach was boiling back there." She proceeded to dress Mr. Walthall down for yelling at Mrs. Walthall for getting food stamps when, in fact, he was "bringing in enough money to keep everybody's bellies full."
An American tragedy, to be sure. But, even an evangelist doctor can't alter the course of history when people list the reason for their pending divorce as "they never loved each other."
It was so ordered.

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