Saturday, July 18, 2009

Amanda Scott vs. Charles Scott; Rock hangs in the balance

Awesome case on D.C. that I just caught via the wonders of a DVR. It was pitting Amanda Scott vs. her husband Charles Scott and custody of their pooch, Rock, who was in court but unable to testify on either parents' behalf.
Amanda really wanted to stay married, and Charles kind of wanted to stay married, but if it couldn't work out, Amanda was vehement that Rock stayed with her. I can see why. Rock's pimp.
The non-canine issues were Charles' flirtations...
"He likes to flirt very much. A big flirt. Check out the earrings in his ears."

She cited the cases of women flirting with him at a restaurant and a department store, inviting Charles home for a threesome with her and her husband. But Charles was having none of it.
"Every time we went back, I'd ask him is that her, is that her. ... Then, he went to bar and got in trouble for dancing with someone's wife!"

... and Amanda's online activities and her slovenly side...
"She started calling me Charlie (very first day we met) and said nobody else could. First time I ever seen this girl, I just started working at McDonalds restaurant, she called me Charlie (and Amanda freaked out.) ... She should stop fussing so much and at least have some kind of consideration. She'll get up from the computer walk to the sink and just leave her dirty dishes in there."

But, the star of this show was clearly Rock, about whom Judge Lynn had veterinarian Dr. Sean Goodell come in from Manhattan Beach to talk about proper pet feedings. Charles, it seems, likes feeding Rock "tuna fish, Mike and Ikes." To which he retorted he honors the nutritional charts of "vegetables, meats and dairy." Amanda had a video of Rock getting his doggy mouf on some ribs that Charles brought him in a styrofoam container...

Long story short: They didn't split at the end, and Dr. Goodell left us all with a valuable lesson.
"Ribs, for instance, are high in fat. They can actually give a dog a pretty bad upset stomach, even to the degree of hospitalization. But if he hasn't (reacted poorly to them after eating them every so often), he's probably a dog with a tough stomach."

But chocolate? That's a no-no.
Which Charlie gladly accepted:
"Fried chicken, Rock can eat that, because it's not chocolate."

Valuable lesson, learned.

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